REF2021 UoA27_ICS_A: Stories of Sacrifice: increasing cross-cultural, cross-faith awareness and dialogue through a public exhibition and collaboration with the Armed Forces, Police and schools

    Impact: Societal impacts

    Description of impact

    Research conducted by Dr Islam Issa has doubled the previous estimate of Muslim soldiers that fought for the Allies during WW1. At a time of increasing Islamophobia, the research and resulting exhibition, Stories of Sacrifice, have:

    increased cross-cultural and cross-faith awareness and dialogue in the UK, reaching hundreds of thousands of individuals;

    altered perceptions of Muslims in the First World War and of Muslims in general positively, with 75% of visitors surveyed saying the exhibition changed their views about Muslims in Britain;

    directly changed the British Army’s Diversity and Inclusion strategies in the North West;

    contributed to Greater Manchester Police diversifying its recruitment practices while helping it to combat racial profiling following the 2017 Manchester bombing;

    increased Muslim students’ awareness of the Muslim contribution and their sense of belonging, reaching over 2,000 students through lessons and school trips at Key Stages 3 and 4.
    Impact date20152018
    Category of impactSocietal impacts
    Impact levelEngagement