REF2021 UoA32_ICSC: Beyond the Physical: Visual Technologies and Contemporary Choreographic Practice

    Impact: Cultural impacts

    Description of impact

    Prof. Ravi Deepres’ multi-disciplinary research has revolutionised contemporary dance practice, by inserting cutting-edge digital technologies into the choreographic process to create novel works for stage, screen and exhibition. Through his long-term collaboration with the internationally renowned contemporary dance company Studio Wayne McGregor (SWM), Deepres’ research has expanded the company’s understanding of contemporary choreography and prompted innovation in its practice. His research is central to acclaimed modern dance works, such as SWM’s Olivier Award winning Woolf Works, and Atomos, which at the time of writing have reached a combined audience of 778,904. The long-lasting influence of Deepres’ research is apparent in his collaborators’ confidence to explore new technologies in other creative projects, such as Google’s online Living Archive of Dancers with SWM, new commissions by the National Gallery and National Ballet of Canada, and the creation of a new commissioning opportunity that benefitted an emerging artist.

    Impact date20132018
    Category of impactCultural impacts