REF2021 UoA33_ICS_B: Building Creative Communities through New Music

  • Joe Cutler (Research Participant)
  • Sean Clancy (Research Participant)
  • Andrew Hamilton (Research Participant)
  • Andrew Ingamells (Research Participant)
  • Bobbie-Jane Gardner (Research Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts

    Description of impact

    Collaborative composition research at BCU builds creative communities, diversifying and broadening participation in contemporary music though innovative methodologies of co-creation. The for-Wards project reached an audience of over 40,000 through the participation of diverse community groups in a city-wide compositional collaboration that now informs other community engagement activities in the region. Our research has changed working practices and developed careers of music creators in jazz, classical and popular music styles, leading to national and international performances, critical acclaim and industry awards. Influence beyond the field of music can be found in public art, language preservation and science communication for children and young people.
    Impact date20152020
    Category of impactCultural impacts
    Impact levelEngagement