REF2021 UoA34_ICS_A: Check Global: Improving digital literacy and strengthening citizen journalism and media activism in the Global South

  • Dima Saber (Research Participant)
  • Jerome Turner (Research Participant)

    Impact: Public Policy or Services impacts

    Description of impact

    Our research on digital literacy and social impact has led the way in enhancing digital media skills for activists, journalism students, archivists and human rights advocates across the Global South. Through a partnership with Meedan, a US-based technology organisation, and an extensive network of over 20 civil society groups in the North Africa Western Asia region, in Latin America, East Africa, and the Philippines, our research has:

    improved media literacy skills for a total of 7,407 beneficiaries through the provision of online and offline training, strengthening their role as investigators and contributors to the public sphere;

    created a replicable programmatic framework, including a monitoring and evaluation toolkit, which has helped partner organisations expand and thrive, now used in 24 countries as the main evaluation tool;

    transformed the scale and quality of citizen journalism activity documenting the Syrian uprising-war and preserved the work of these citizen photographers and videographers.
    Impact date2014
    Category of impactPublic Policy or Services impacts