REF2021 UoA34_ICS_B: Changing approaches to programming and the audience experience at Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

  • Craig Hamilton (Research Participant)
  • Sarah Raine (Research Participant)
  • Whyton, Tony (Research Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts

    Description of impact

    A five-year partnership with Cheltenham Jazz Festival (CJF) has resulted in several significant changes in their approach to audience engagement, festival programming and artistic commissioning. Working closely with CJF’s senior management, along with the marketing team, BCU researchers co-designed a set of activities that enabled the Festival to better understand its audience, redefine its relationship with performers, create original artistic work, and evaluate some of its key principles and organisational practices. Impact was achieved through the development of a mobile application, and collaboration on a series of artist-based workshops and industry-focused public events.
    Impact date20152020
    Category of impactCultural impacts
    Impact levelEngagement