REF2021 UoA34_ICS_C: Sodajerker: Generating new knowledge about songwriting and changing creative practice.

  • Simon Barber (Research Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts

    Description of impact

    This practice-led research has used the podcast medium to enhance knowledge and change creative practice for a global audience of songwriters and music fans. This impact was achieved by encouraging some of Western popular music’s greatest songwriters, including Sir Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, to share insights into their working processes, which engaged songwriters and music fans around the world in discourses related to the art and craft of songwriting. Across 187 episodes, the podcast has amassed more than 3,000,000 downloads. It has also generated a series of offline events; notably at The Meltdown Festival (2019), and a radio documentary for BBC World Service (2016).
    Impact date20112020
    Category of impactCultural impacts
    Impact levelEngagement