REF2021_12Z_ICSB Mobilising the Bio-economy: Transforming waste to energy processes and practices

    Impact: Societal impacts, Environmental impacts

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    Despite its extraordinary potential, the adoption of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) in many countries is hindered by under-performing systems, poorly integrated supply chains and a lack of supportive financial and policy instruments for bioenergy production. The Bioresource and Bioeconomy Research Group has addressed these challenges through several projects. BBRG’s work with Doosan has significantly improved a technology which converts waste material into biogas, leading to >£1,000,000 of investment and 3 new clients with income generation estimated at approximately £5,000,000. The Group’s design consultancy and analysis on Kingdom Bioengery’s (KBE) AD pre-treatment process has led to increased commercial adoption and new market avenues for KBE. This improved process has already improved bioenergy production for a hospital in Vellore, South India. Research on the generation of biogas from seaweed in Indonesia has led to development of a policy roadmap for the country, as well as new guidelines for seaweed farmers to properly utilise AD processes.
    Impact date20122020
    Category of impactSocietal impacts, Environmental impacts