West Midlands Military Education

    Impact: Political impacts, Societal impacts, Cultural impacts

    Description of impact

    In April 2024, I was invited to become a member of the West Midlands Military Education Committee, representing BCU. My role is:

    1. To oversee and monitor the work of the three University Service Units: the Royal Naval Unit; Officers Training Corps; and University Air Squadron, and to liaise with them in order to advise and make recommendations where appropriate.
    2. To receive annual reports at an AGM on the activities of the military service units.
    3. To ensure that student activities within a University Service Unit are not to the detriment of academic progress and general student welfare.
    4. To advise the constituent Universities on matters relating to military education.
    5. To encourage and promote an interest in military education within the Universities.
    6. To liaise with the three Services, making recommendations or advising on matters relating to the appointment of commanding officers and senior honorary posts in accordance with the arrangements established by each Service.
    7. To foster arrangements to promote equal and beneficial partnership between the Council, the MEC, the MoD, and Universities.
    8. To provide advice and assistance to student members in order to facilitate the fulfilment of their commitments both to their studies and military service unit membership.
    9. To liaise with the Council of Military Education Committees, which is the national body of Military Education Committees.
    Category of impactPolitical impacts, Societal impacts, Cultural impacts
    Impact levelEngagement