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Jacqueline’s research examines the poetic potential of art and the ways that it functions as a signifying practice. She is particularly interested in how we make meaning from non-representational aesthetic practices that do not cohere with or are othered from normative modalities of communication and language. Drawing on the work of French post-structuralist theorists such as Cixous, Irigaray, Kristeva and Barthes, she is interested in the interrelationship between painting and language, although her research extends to other artforms, and their materialities, including art writing, dance and performance.

Jacqueline’s research also explores theory/practice, writing/making, text/artwork and form/content relations in artistic research and their epistemological dimensions. Her research often deliberately blurs the boundaries between these areas, taking the form of alternative ‘hybrid’ academic and creative forms such as such as paint-sculpt-stallations, text-stallations, book-paintings, performance-texts and painting poems.

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7.5: Masters Degree - Taught (UK Institution)


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