Julian Anderson: Dialogues on Listening, Composing and Culture

Christopher Dingle, Julian Anderson

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    Julian Anderson is renowned internationally as one of the leading composers of his generation. This substantial book of conversations with the scholar and critic Christopher Dingle captures Anderson's thoughts and memories in-depth for the first time, not only providing biographical information and background material, but also capturing the workings of a remarkable mind. It is rare to find a composer prepared to speak extensively and honestly on as broad a range of topics as Anderson. These extraordinarily diverse conversations range far beyond his own compositions and even beyond the sphere of music, exploring issues of broad cultural interest. Of particular value, providing insights into the practicalities and psychology of composing, are the glimpses of Anderson's thoughts on works in progress during the conversations, including the period from composing the score for his ENO opera Thebans to its first production, as well as his violin concerto, his 3rd String Quartet and his Berlin Philharmonic commission Incantesimi. Anderson's work with dance, his love of the voice and his varied collaborations with orchestras, soloists and conductors are also explored. With their wide range of musical and artistic topics, these conversations will be essential reading not only for composers and composition students, but for those interested in culture more generally.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationMartlesham, Suffolk
    PublisherBoydell & Brewer
    ISBN (Print)9781783274987
    Publication statusPublished (VoR) - 19 Jun 2020


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