Key influences to cost modelling and analysis in off-site construction: research trends and GAP analysis

Joas Serugga, Mike Kagioglou, David J. Edwards, Saeed Talebi, Nathan G.O. Johns

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


    The last decade has witnessed a proliferation of Off-Site Construction (OSC) operations and systems in the UK in response to persistent performance challenges in the construction industry. However, understanding the real influences of cost modelling for accurate project costing and cost performance remains limited. Consequently, this systematic literature review aims to identify the key parameters associated with effective cost modelling in OSC systems. Using literature in the last 10 years (i.e. 2011?2021) and keyword search terms, the review covers OSC aspects such as cost modelling and models, life cycle costing, cost analysis and taking off. Knowledge gaps are identified within literature and practice in cost modelling despite a backdrop of a proliferation of OSC systems and concomitant literature. Emergent findings uncover thematic clusters in analysed literature with the role of design, 88%, costs, 69% and modelling, 74% dominating the literature reviewed. Moreover, key influences to cost modelling in OSC (e.g. abnormal costs, factory-based preliminaries, and contractor?s overheads) do not feature prominently in any published research. This paper provides a cross-sectional snapshot of contemporary developments in the field and highlights the need for new research to support integrated cost modelling to support current OSC practice.


    • Multi-project scheduling
    • Supply management
    • Mathematical modeling
    • Optimization algorithms
    • Construction industry


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