Learning from doctoral supervisors' and candidates' reflections on a supervisory model

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    Professional development for doctoral supervisors differs between higher education institutions (HEIs) across the globe from non-existent support to one off workshops, to mandatory programmes. Communities of practice programmes encourage supervisors to reflect on case studies and conceptual models but there is limited research which explores the learning from supervisors? and candidates? reflections. Using interviews with supervisors and candidates from one HEI in England, this paper explores their reflections on ?The roles of a supervisor? (Brown and Atkins, 1988). The model aided the reflections of supervisors and candidates in terms of their own preferences, but also how they responded to candidate needs or when working in supervision teams. There is complexity and fluidity in terms of the roles offered in a single meeting and a suggestion that more pastoral roles need to be added. The model could be used for discussions between supervisors and candidates or within professional development programmes.


    • Doctoral supervision
    • professional development
    • reflective practice
    • relationships
    • expectations


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