Programmed Visions and Techno-Fossils: Heba Y Amin and Anthony Downey in conversation

Anthony Downey, Heba Y. Amin

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    Recorded on 30 May 2022 at Zilberman Gallery, Berlin, to coincide with the opening of Heba Y Amin’s show ‘When I See the Future, I Close my Eyes, Chapter II’ (curated by Anthony Downey), this conversation discusses the history and future of image-making technologies and post-digital models of representation. Throughout the discussion, Amin and Downey explore the interdisciplinary relationship that exists between art practices and models of academic and critical research, neocolonial violence, machinic vision, photography and colonial exploitation, data extraction, France’s nuclear experiments in Algeria, and a pyramid built by the Luftwaffe in al-Alamein (Egypt) to commemorate a World War II German fighter pilot.

    Initially launched in 2020 by Amin and Downey at The Mosaic Rooms, London, ‘When I See the Future, I Close my Eyes’ is an interdisciplinary collaborative platform that explores art- and exhibition-making as a methodology for new and ongoing research. Focused on broadening conversations around emerging forms of digital authoritarianism, the evolution of machine vision, and the technologies that support asymmetric warfare, the research platform reflects upon the colonial histories of technology and their role in determining models of extraction and Western regimes of visuality.

    A print version of this conversation is included in the exhibition catalogue for ‘When I See the Future, I Close my Eyes, Chapter II’. For further information about the exhibition and the publication, see here.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalThird Text
    Publication statusPublished (VoR) - 2022


    • decolonisation
    • Digital Methodologies, Algorithms, AI, and Protest
    • colonial occupation, advanced surveillance systems, drone-led infractions of international law.


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