Tape Piece

Andy Ingamells, Maya Verlaak

    Research output: Other contribution


    Two performers each take a roll of tape and simultaneously wrap it around both of their bodies. They pause to catch their breath, then try to break free from the tape. The title Tape Piece evokes 20th-century avant-garde electronic music produced using magnetic audiotape. But this performance playfully recasts those complex rhythms and sounds using entirely physical means, as two performers use ordinary household tape to create an ever-changing choreographic musical work that fully integrates movement and sound. Their dance creates purely acoustic sounds that are beautiful and compelling, yet could quite easily be replicated by the audience at home, encouraging mindfulness of everyday beauty in the listener. Tape Piece has been performed around the world, from Florida, Arizona, Ohio and California in the United States, to London, Dublin, Paris, Bruges and Berlin in Europe. It has been performed by leading contemporary music ensembles of the new generation such as soundinitiative, On Structure, Mocrep, Bastard Assignments, Kirkos, and An Assembly. This limited-edition cassette release was recorded directly onto magnetic tape and duplicated using analogue reproduction techniques, completely bypassing digital technology. Maya Verlaak is a Belgian composer-performer whose artistic process focuses on critique as a necessary catalyst for realising new work, an investigative compositional outlook in which nothing is taken for granted. Andy Ingamells is an interdisciplinary artist who develops unusual methods of composition that blur the line between composer and performer, presenting a musical practice that does not privilege the sounding result but sees it as one amongst many different and equal possibilities.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherBirmingham Record Company
    Publication statusPublished (VoR) - 23 Oct 2020


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