UPR Project at BCU South Sudan Stakeholder Report

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    Birmingham City University's Centre for Human Rights was created in 2014 to promote human rights, ensure access to justice, and enhance the rule of law around the world.We seek to achieve thisthrough leading research, education, and consultancy.We submit expert reports to international human rights regions, provideadvisory services to governments and nongovernmental organisations, and draft legal opinions and file legal briefs in domestic courts and international human rights courts.The Centre for Human Rights established the UPR Project in 2018 as part of our consultancy service. Weengage with the Human Rights Council's review process in offering support to theUPR Pre-sessions, providing capacity building for UPR stakeholders and National Human Rights Institutions, and the filing ofstakeholder reports in selected sessions. The UPR Projectis designed to help meet the challenges facing the safeguarding of human rights around the world, and to helpensure that UPR recommendations are translated into domestic legal change in member state parliaments. We fully support the UPR ethos of encouraging the sharing of best practice globally to protect everyone's human rights.The UPR Project at BCU engageswith the UPRregularly as a stakeholder,having submitted seven reports and beencited by the OHCHR.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherCentre for Applied Finance and Economics (CAFE), Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University
    Publication statusPublished (VoR) - 27 Sept 2021


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