Voyage Foog Phat Moog No1: Noisefloor Festival

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    Supersonic Festival, in conjunction with Birmingham City University, hosted the Mooglab, a vast Moog modular synthesis system comprising multiples of every unit that the company has ever produced. The system currently tours the world. I spent some time with this analogue monster, setting up and experimenting with patches, and harvesting the often ridiculously unpredictable results. I came away from a very intensive day with a vast array of Moog-generated sounds. The piece presented here is the first output from my Moog material, and forms part of what will become a larger 47 minute work of the same title. It is, in many ways, quite dark and static, being essentially underpinned by an extended broadly harmonic sequence of drones generated by analogue sequencer driving a system of oscillators, filters, envelopers, delays and resonators. From the drones emerge melodic figures, glitch material and aggressive gestures that meander and coalesce in various ways, the pure eventually triumphing over the dark. It was mixed into 5.1 in the studios of Birmingham Conservatoire.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished (VoR) - 2 May 2017


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