Woolf Works. A Three Act Ballet

W McGregor, Ravi Deepres, M Richter, L Carter, U Hameed, Not I We

    Research output: Other contribution


    Woolf Works is structured into three acts; ?I now, I then?, ?Becomings? and ?Tuesday?, each starkly distinct in visual design and choreography. ?Woolf Works is not a literal description of Woolf?s writing. It?s very lavish, with new visualisation techniques and a collage structure; a full-on assault and collision of the senses. The unconventional structure and collision of ideas in Woolf Works, in response to and reflective of Woolf?s approach to writing, was curated by a sterling team of collaborators, from composer Max Richter to architectural practices Cigu� and We Not I, and McGregor?s long-time collaborators, Ravi Deepres, Lucy Carter, Moritz Junge. Ravi Deepres' film design, acts as an integral component of multi disciplinary design thinking. It considers the qualities of different genres and technologies and awareness of these within a projected spatial performance design context. Combining design and choreographic methodologies, solutions are found to harmonize and enable the co-existence of dance, texts, film projection, light, sound, space and set, creating an original language of expression through instinctive, organic and reactive approaches. This relies on reflexivity where preserving individual research and practice identities are embedded into the fabric of the process. By designing a structure where collaboration holds these individual voices as one entity it becomes possible to create hybridized design solutions for original sensory experience within the theatrical arena. It also acts as an exemplar for the potential of employing design practice through multidisciplinary approaches.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished (VoR) - 11 May 2015


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